Lateral Support

The Geonail system is an in-situ soil reinforcing technique used to stabilise slopes or excavations. Steel bars are installed and grouted into the soil mass on a closely spaced grid to enable the soil mass to act as a homogenous unit which retains the unsupported soil in similar a manner to a gravity retaining wall. A secondary support, usually in the form of a lightly reinforced gunite skin, is normally applied to contain the soil between Geonail positions.

The design of a Geonail system takes into consideration the soil parameters, the soil/Geonail interaction, the presence of surcharges, services and the possibility of a water table. The secondary support is designed based on the same parameters with the interaction with future structures considered in permanent gunite applications. The Geonail system can be used for both temporary and permanent support.

Benefits of Geonails

• Extremely cost-effective under suitable conditions

• Installed faster than most other comparable lateral support systems

• No load transfer structure required onto face of excavation being supported

• Easily adaptable to changes in site conditions

• Relatively simple inexpensive procedures can be used to provide corrosion protection of permanent GeoNail   installations

We offer the following services under this category:

  • Contiguous Piled Walls
  • Secant Walls
  • Soil & Rock Anchors
  • Self-Drilling Anchors
  • Guniting
  • Post Tension Anchors
  • Sheet piling
  • Micro Piles